Understanding Segmentation in HubSpot

Segmenting and Qualifying Your Leads With HubSpot

“Customer segmentation is the process of tagging and grouping customers based on shared characteristics. This process also makes it easy to tailor and personalize your marketing, service, and sales efforts to the needs of specific groups. The result is a potential boost to customer loyalty and conversions.

You’re probably already familiar with customer segmentation in your personal life. For example, you might tell everyone in your family about a promotion with a group text before you email your co-workers.

The same goes for your customers. They each have unique needs, traits, pain points, and expectations for your business. And, sometimes, the most effective way to communicate with your target customer is by making them part of a group.

Why segment customers?

Segmenting prospects is far more than just putting people into categories. Prospects segmentation allows you to learn about your prospects on a deeper level. With this information, you can tailor your content to each group’s unique needs and challenges. You’ll also be able to create targeted campaigns and ads that resonate with and convert certain segments of prospects.

Other common benefits of prospects and customers segmentation include:

  • Improving your sales team and customer support efforts.
  • Helping marketing and sales teams prepare for challenges different groups are likely to experience.
  • Communicating with segments of prospects and customers through preferred channels or platforms.
  • Finding new opportunities for products, support, and service efficiently.

Now that you understand what customer segmentation is and why it’s a process worth investing time in, let’s cover the most common types of segmentation.