Built on Fortune 500 business smarter intelligence and insights cloud technology solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Our turn-key product solutions can help your business accelerate innovation and increase productivity with our I.T. Smarter Cloud Solutions.

Bradford Technology specializes in smarter cloud, data, and software solutions with a passion for innovation. Our exceptional customer service sets us apart as we prioritize building collaborative relationships with our clients. By understanding their unique needs and goals, we provide personalized support to empower them to reach their full potential. We inspire confidence and trust through our expertise and integrity. At Bradford Technology, we help build more efficient, effective, and prosperous businesses.

Fully Managed Smarter Cloud Computing & Communications Technology Reseller Partner

Bradford Technology is a respected reseller partner that specializes in cloud computing and communication technology solutions. We prioritize small and medium-sized businesses, committed to enhancing their productivity through our comprehensive offerings and streamlined processes. Our Out-Of-The-Box and TurnKey solutions are designed to provide exceptional value for money and an enhanced customer experience. Our team of dedicated professionals offer white glove, customer-centric support, and provide deployment and training assistance to ensure that your business is equipped with the best solutions from beginning to end. Additionally, we offer ongoing support to quickly and effectively resolve any concerns or issues you may face. Trust us to help your business achieve its full potential with the latest and most innovative technology solutions.

Our business strategy recognizes the increasing demand for cloud-based services, driven by technological advancements and businesses’ priorities. We cater to these demands by offering a comprehensive CLOUD Software (SaaS) & Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution, in partnership with our clients. Our cloud-based platform offers a range of benefits, including Unified Communications, enhanced voice and video messaging capabilities, and secure storage and data protection. We take pride in delivering a holistic approach to our clients’ communication needs and have achieved success by leveraging our expertise in this area. We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower our clients to communicate effectively, alongside the resource-efficient benefits of cloud computing.


Your Partner for Smarter Cloud Technology Solutions

Unlock the Power of Smarter Cloud Technology with Bradford Technology

Delivering Holistic Visibility for Small Business Intelligence

At Bradford Technology, we specialize in driving holistic visibility around business intelligence through cutting-edge technology solutions. With our expertise in the Google Cloud Stack and Microsoft Cloud Stack, we can help you harness the full potential of your business intelligence analytics data and insights.

Accelerate Innovation with Turn-Key Applications & Solutions

Are you a small to mid-sized business looking to compete with Fortune 500 companies? Our turn-key product solutions are designed to help you accelerate innovation and stay ahead of the competition. From branding and email marketing to CRM optimization, we have you covered.

Our team of experts leverages the power of Google Cloud Stack and Microsoft Cloud Stack to provide you with comprehensive visibility into your business intelligence. From data analytics to reporting, we ensure that you have the insights needed to make informed decisions and drive success.

Beyond Just Technology

Bradford Technology goes beyond technology solutions. Our CRM optimization services ensure that you are maximizing the potential of your customer relationship management system. We offer branding and email marketing services that will help you establish a strong brand presence and engage with your customers effectively.

Boost Your Online Presence

With our SEO and social media expertise, we can help you optimize your online presence and drive more organic traffic to your website. Our truly smarter cloud and data optimization services ensure that your systems are running efficiently, giving you a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.

Partner with Us for Success

At Bradford Technology we take pride in providing the best quality service at the best price. We create relationships with our clients based on continuous communication and transparency, which makes us one of the most trusted I.T. services providers around.

Improve Your Bottom Line w/ our I.T. Services and Solutions

Technology is a huge part of any business – without it you literally cannot function – and it’s important to choose a partner who understands the importance of this, who can provide you with expert advice and recommendations, who will provide the best quality service for a competitive price… someone like Bradford Technology!

Maximize Digital Transformation Journey

Maintaining your current I.T. services is an important part of business, but you can’t afford to stop there. In order to compete in today’s fast-paced world, a company needs to always be looking for ways to improve.

Maintain and leverage your market competitive edge

We make it easy for you to measure software and hardware update environments so that you can maintain a modern and proactive approach to your current I.T. service. Get peace of mind knowing that we have your back with our comprehensive and integrated IT services.

“Maximize your digital journey, maintain market edge with our I.T. services. We measure software/hardware updates and provide comprehensive solutions for modern and proactive I.T. service. Stay ahead of competition with accurate data collection and smarter cloud applications and solutions. Get peace of mind with our thoughtfully crafted very affordable plans and pricing that include everything from updates to security patches.”

We use a variety of methods such as scripting, automation, and monitoring tools to ensure accurate data collection, which will give you the information you need to make the right decisions when it comes to maintaining your IT environment.

Peace of mind with comprehensive smarter cloud and data applications and solutions

We do all the work for you so that all you have to do is maintain the balance between making improvements while still ensuring continuity of service. Our thoughtfully crafted plans will take into account everything from software updates and upgrades to security patches and more.


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Our Strategy

Bradford Technology increases small and mid-sized business's bottom line by packaging premium services (comprehensive voice, video, and collaboration services) for the best value and optimization.

Our Technology

Bradford Technology is a leading hosted communications provider of choice for a growing number of businesses. We can help you drive your business's productivity and efficiency with our cutting edge communications technology.

Our Solution

Bradford Technology provides trusted integrated turn-key software with affordable and flexible pricing to match your business needs.

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